Commercial Boiler Installation: Important Factors To Consider

When it comes to commercial boiler installation, there are many factors that you need to consider. First and foremost, the size of your business will determine the type of unit you need. Second, how often you use your commercial boiler, and the amount of power consumption you use each day will play an important role.

Commercial boilers are often much larger than your residential units. If you have a company for over a year, you may want to service your commercial boiler replacement to be sure it’s in good working condition. Gas, oil, and steam boilers can last up to 15 years, but most will eventually need to be replaced after that amount of time. In general, it is more economical to maintain and repair a commercial unit once a year rather than wait for problems to develop needing a full replacement.

Another important consideration when choosing a commercial boiler is the way it heats the water. If the temperature setting is too cold or too hot for your business, it can be a health risk for your employees and your customers. As an example, a commercial boiler that is too hot can scald an employee. The safety of your customers is, of course, just as important. Commercial boilers are most often equipped with thermostats that automatically adjust the heat in the water, depending on the time of day and season.

A commercial boiler also contains an emergency shutoff switch that allows you to turn off the water supply if an electrical fire starts. With your commercial boiler installation, you should contact a reputable heating company to find out if they have any equipment and personnel that will help you deal with 24-hour emergencies. Most commercial boilers will have a water level indicator that can be manually adjusted, which is a great feature for certain businesses. Once you have determined the type of commercial boiler you need for your business, they are built to be installed by licensed plumbers. Make sure you hire someone that is certified before you attempt to install the unit. You should receive a warranty and a service contract for annual maintenance.

Commercial boilers are generally designed to be able to handle a certain number of people using the same amount of power at one time. If you run a hotel and you want to provide hot water to all of your customers, you will want to choose commercial units with a capacity that will allow for this. If you have a business with several different locations, you will need to have a commercial unit in all locations. Talk to a professional about how to save time and money, an important consideration when choosing your commercial boiler installation company. Whether you choose to buy a brand new commercial boiler or repair an older model, there are some things to keep in mind. Make sure the company knows the type of business you have and the daily water usage to find the right unit.